Where did spring go?

Spring 2009 was terrible.  The flood, the rain, the cold crappy weather.  It seemed like summer was never going to arrive.  Well, we have just returned from our 3rd camping trip, and we were pleased to have summer weather finally. 

Jay has been finishing up the house that was supposed to be on the Parade of Homes in April.  Because of the flooding, we were not able to work in the home, or have any subcontractors in the yard/home for about 1 month.  Needless to say, we weren’t able to participate in the Parade, even though it was post-poned for 2 weeks.  So, plan “B” will have the house ready for the Fall Parade of Homes in September.  Hopefully it will be sold well before then, and perhaps even occupied by it’s new owners.  The kitchen was just finished yesterday, so once I am able to get over there and shine it up, I’ll be adding photos.  I love how it turned out, with dark wood this time.  I know, all the kitchens I do are maple, right?  Well this one is a very dark oak, with dark wood flooring and dark counter tops.  It’s stiking!

Jay has been busy since my last posting.  Along with the work on the spec house, he’s built a deck for Clementina, a garage and sunroom addition for Dorothy and Doug, and a few other small jobs involving windows and doors.  If I can figure out why the web site isn’t letting me log in to add photos, I’ll get some added showing his recent work.  He’s currently doing a garage addition on the house across the street from our spec house.  Our neighborhood is filling in nicely, with a great variety of home styles and colors.  Yes, I said colors.  I love it when the houses each have their own personality and COLOR!  Not every house on the block should be tan/brown!  

I feel the need to explain why it’s been so long since I’ve posted last.  Most of you probably don’t know that our family has taken in foster children.  We have been licensed since the end of March, and were immediately asked to take in 3 siblings.  They arrived shortly there after, and have been with us since.  It’s been a roller-coster ride of drama and of course it’s tough.  They are all doing well, and we are watching them grow and thrive.  It’s been rewarding, and I am so proud of Oliver and Katrina.  They have openened up their lives to their foster siblings and are sharing their parents and home.  The toughest part is the not knowing how it’s all going to turn out, how long we have them for, etc.   And, yes, our mini van is full with all 7 of us.

Take Care of Youselves and each other!


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