Wet, Wet Wet!

We’ve come to expect it every year.  The spring thaw in the Red River Valley is news every year.  This year is proving to be historic.  The forecasts are grim, with flood stages on the Red River predicted to surpass the 1997 flood.  With the wet fall and the record amount of snow that fell in December, we all knew that we’d be facing a challenge.   If anyone was skeptical about Fargo taking on a massive diking project, I think they may be singing a different tune this week.  The forecast called for 1-3 inches of rain, and we have been on the lighter side of that, thankfully.  Out here in Mapleton, we are watching our dike carefully.  The Maple River is  inching up a bit faster than we’d heard predicted.  We’re pumping out yards and watching the ditches go down as the culverts start flowing. 

Our yard is high and dry.  You know Jay…he firmly believes the higher the better.  The house we’re building for the Parade of Homes is not faring as well.   We were hoping to pour the concrete for the basement floor and garage floor last week.  Unfortunately, there was about a foot of ice that just wouldn’t melt even with heaters going.  Then, things started thawing, and running into the basement.   Last I heard, we had between 3 and 4 feet of water to pump out.  If we pump into the street, it collects at the corner, which is already a foot deep.   So, we wait for the street to drain, and pray that the rain passes us by.   I’ve added a picture from last Friday, of the porch added on.  I’m hoping to get over there and get more pictures of the water fiasco. 

On a very sad note. Jay and I would like to express our deepest sympathy to Carol Loe and her family, as they mourn the loss of her husband, Terry.  We attend church with the Loe family and have gotten to know Terry very well.  Jay and his crew did a lot of work at their home last summer and they were great to work for.  Terry passed away this morning unexpectedly.  He had been taking treatments for Lymphoma, but seemed to be doing well.   Terry blessed our church last Sabbath, by praying for us at “prayer and praise time.”  He was thankful that he was able to be at church another Sabbath.  No one knew that would be his last prayer for us. 

We never know. what’s in store for us, how much time we have left, who will leave our lives unexpectedly.  The great thing is that Terry knew.  Terry had a very strong faith.  I’m sure he was at peace, hopefully holding his wife’s hand, as he smiled one last smile and looked towards heaven’s gates.   He knew that we’ll all be together again soon. 

God bless Terry and his family


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