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I’m behind schedule with my “monthly” posting, I know.  Things for us are busy all the way around.   This is NOT something we complain about, however.  We know that we are blessed, just keeping the jobs lined up.  Right now there are millions of people out of work, and yes, it’s being  felt  in Fargo.  We have tried ads in the newspaper and with Job Service in the past, when Jay has needed to expand his crew.  We never have gotten responses… until this past month.  It was incredible…the phone rang off the hook, and I was getting several e-mails from Job Service each day.  Obviously people are out of work. Other construction companies are laying off portions or all of their crews.  This is good news for us.  Jay was able to be picky about who he hired.  He went through a few underqualified guys, until he found one that can actually do what Jay expects an “experienced” framing carpenter to do.   

Work wise, Jay is framing a new custom home for Kockmann Bros.  It’s good timing for us, since the shingling jobs have come to a seasonal end, and this is a nice big home that will keep Jay and his guys busy for several more weeks.  Jay is also slipping in days here and there for the Hemmah’s.  There project needs the interior framing finished up, and the custom windows/doors should be arriving soon for installation. 

Some exciting news for us. we have started another house project.  No It’s not for us.  We are never moving again…at least not with-in ND.  We are taking a big chance, and building a spec. home here in Mapleton.  We are being reasonable in size and price, and have picked a great lot to build on.   It is directly east of our house, about a block or so, which will make it very convenient.  We did not want to miss the up-coming spring Parade of Homes, so we have just had the basement concrete poured, and will put it up for sale next week.  If we’re lucky enough to find buyers for it right away, we’ll finish it.  If not, we’ll get started on it in February, in order to have it done for the Parade by the end of April.   There is a photo added to the gallery, of the basement concrete forms set up.  The concrete has been poured, and Jay will get the trusses on to cover up the basement ASAP.

I’m predicting that I won’t be adding another blog yet this year. 

so Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours.

In this time of economic turmoil, take the time to really count your blessings.  There are always people less fortunate than you, and you’ll most likely always have enought to share.  So, be generous.  I believe with all my heart that God multiplies the gifts that we give to those in need and that He blesses those that bless others.


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