I skipped Winter!

Maybe the accurate way to say it is “winter seemed eternal”. Of course it’s finally spring like weather, and we’re heading for Memorial Day. I just didn’t have my thoughts focussed for adding another posting until now. We have been scrambling trying to meet with people to give bids, get work done and line up the summer/fall. Where were all the home-owners in January and February, when Jay was looking for work? Now we are having to push people back or simply tell them “sorry we can’t get to it”. Little jobs, like decks, wheel chair ramps, and roofs, and even some bigger framing jobs we’ve bid on. We are also looking into building for the Mastels. The plans should be done for that in the next few days. Now, we just need them to choose a lot…not so easy since they are looking for rural, not too far out, and no flooding issues. Jay’s sister and her husband have decided they will be needing a rambler floor plan, so we’re excited to begin working with them, so that they will be in their new home by winter.

Jay has been super busy, but did take time this week to help the local cub scouts build a picnic table that has been placed at the Veteran’s Memorial in Mapleton. I posted photos of that project in the People and Activities album. I have also added a photos to the Projects album of the new roof on the Trautman’s home, the new vaulted ceiling in the Frost’s lake home, and the Shirley’s new window, painted siding and cedar shakes. Sorry, no photos of the warehouse job that was mentioned in the last post. I’m sure if I went back Glen would let me shoot some, but I doubt they would turn out well. It’s a hard one to capture.

Personal notes…Our family was very sad to learn that our 3 foster children would be leaving us. They were able to return to their mom after being with us for nearly 2 years. February/March was very hard for us, dealing with their transition, packing them up and saying good-bye in a way that didn’t traumatize any of the kids. Fortunately, their mom has allowed us to have a couple of very brief visits, and seems open to me calling and keeping in touch with them. I’m sure she understands at some level that we had developed very strong bonds with her kids, especially the youngest, who was with us her entire life. So, after that heart breaking ordeal, our family agreed to take time off from foster care. We are still getting used to being a family of 4 again, and the freedoms that allows. We have been called twice already, asking if we are ready to take another placement, but I’ve held firm. I know the need is great. But ultimately, I need to know that our family is revitalized and ready so that we can be the best foster family/home possible. I know many of you kept us in your prayers during this time, and that is greatly appreciated.

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