Holidays approaching

I hope you are all happy and cozy, as this winter weather sets in.  We had such a beautiful fall, that hung on way longer than we’re used to.  With Thanksgiving nearly here, it’s easy to start jumping ahead to Christmas.  But, I rather prefer Thanksgiving.  We get to eat a lot of the same foods, but the focus isn’t on presents.  Way better deal. 

We usually try to remember and thank our customers during these last few weeks of the year.  So we’ll be out delivering goodies for many you.  Some of you will be getting extras because of your great referrals.  Always appreciated!  Jay is getting into another project for a new Americash location.  It looks like he’ll get to install bullet-proof glass AGAIN.   The warehouse project that I mentioned on the last post will be finished up next week when the special order door made of vinyl strips arrives.  (You know, like they use on walk-in freezers at restaurants.)  We’re also finishing up a shingling job for the Madsens here in Mapleton.  Yes, I said we.  I have helped nearly every day with the tearing off.   It’s just across the street from our house, and a nice flat roof, so I couldn’t resist. 

So, I’ve finished up my 2010 required continuing ed for real estate plus a few extra credits.  Now I’m scheduled for  a safety course on electricity, and renewing my CPR/first aid ceritifications.  I’m also scheduled to help the Realtors Associaion of F/M ring bells for the Salvation Army on Dec. 10th.   Jay and I are working on a benefit supper for our neighbor, who was lost his wife and was injured in a car accident on Labor Day.  That’s coming up 11/20/2010, here in Mapleton.  Otherwise, lots of Girl Scouts, some Boy Scouts, and 4-H stuff.  It’s nice to just be home some evenings.  The sad thing is, I know it’s just going to get busier as the kids get older.  Maybe that’s why some parents let their kids drive when their 14.

Count your blessings, give thanks, and remember those that might be lonely this holiday season. 



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