February Freeze!

I know I write this every time…how time has flown since the last entry. When I look back to the past few weeks it’s been a blur.

Jay has finished up several framing jobs this past week, and is busy wrapping up the remodels for the Giengers and Leff families. Spring must be approaching, because we’ve been seeing more visits to the web site, and some people asking for bids for spring/summer projects. That keeps Jay running, since most people are available only in the evenings. There are always the referrals…and Jay loves working with people that come to us through referrals. They start with a positive attitude, and have heard all the good things about Jay and his work from their friends/family. We are hoping to build a nice big home for Dustin and his family in Abercrombie this summer/fall. We still have schedule openings, and can take another remodel or 2 yet before summer hits. Jay will be participating in the Tour de Habitat, a fund raiser for the Lake Agassiz Habitat for Humanity chapter, on March 6th by riding stationary bike at the Y to raise pledges for an up-coming project. He is on a team with several other builders. He’s also been training a bit to get ready for the Fargo 1/2 Marathon. His sister will be coming from CO to run with him. That’s set for May 22nd.

I began a “full time” real estate career with Coldwell Banker 1st Realty in December, and have been busy letting people know it. I have 2 listings and 2 buyer couples right now, but no closings yet. I was ready to make the switch from part time to full time anyway, but when I found out that the office I was working at was making big changes, I decided it was time to move on. Coldwell Banker is an enthusiastic office, full of nice people and some big hitting agents. I’m really hoping that one of my new co-workers will be able to bring a buyer for our spec. house in Mapleton. (Yes, it’s still available). I’ve recently attended continuing ed. classes to renew my MN contractors license, one day learning about foreclosures and short sales for my real estate continuing ed, and several days at classes to renew our foster care licensing. I’ve got to finish up the 2009 book keeping for the company, and get it ready for the accountant. (That’s a chore I always dread.) Otherwise, I’m still busy with the Home Builder’s Association board of directors and the Parade of Homes committee each month.

We had a fabulous time visiting CO just before Christmas and had a great Christmas break, inspite of the blizzard that his over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Jay has had a birthday, Jesse’s is coming up on the 22nd and Danny’s will be the 28th. Rebecca will be turning 1 on St. Patrick’s day. All the kids are doing well in school, and growing up like crazy. Between the 5 kids, there is never a dull moment.

I’ve posted a few new pictures from Jay’s camera…a new garage and new porch for his mom and dad, the before pictures of the Leff remodel, and the completed shot of our spec house in Mapleton from last fall.  

Make a snowman, have a snowball fight or go iceskating. Make some fun memories with this weather.


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