It’s well into fall, and we are amazed at how fast the months fly by lately.  I can’t believe it’s been 4 months since my last post.  I will give just a few updates, both business and personal…

Jay has been working without a crew or even a helper.  He’s been doing several remodels and is finding out that keeping several projects going at one time is quite chaotic.  We did a fabulous basement finish for the Brodersons in West Fargo.  After that was finished they replaced their furnace, added attic insulation, and remodeled their up stairs bathroom too.  He’s now finishing a laundry/bathroom for Mrs. Leff, 2 bathrooms for the Giengers, re-building a rotten porch for Ms. Lamb, and a light commercial job at a money lending store in Fargo.  He’d never installed bullet-proof glass before, so he can add that to his resume.   

We’re looking into winter with a nice hand full of framing jobs, and some work at my dad’s farm.  We’re still waiting for an offer to come in on our Spec house that we built in Mapleton this spring/summer.  That has us a bit discouraged/stressed.  So, if you know of anyone that wants to cash in on the recent tax credit extension for home purchases before 6/30/10, please tell them that Mapleton is a place to check out.  We love living and running our business here.  It’s a bit extra driving, but it’s worth it. 

On a personal note, we do still have the 3 children that we took in last spring in our care.  The 5 children are growing quite close, and the baby has definately captured our hearts.  It’s sad to say that things are still up in the air with regards to  reunification with their parents, so this placement will most likely stretch into  spring/summer.  Jay and I will be traveling with Oliver and Katrina to Colorado in December to visit Jay’s sister and her family.  We were lucky to find a terrific home for our foster children to visit while we’re away.  Everyone is telling us how important respite care is for foster parents, and now that we have this trip planned I am so looking forward to it. 

Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  We hope you will be celebrating with those you love, enjoying a good meal and relaxing over the long weekend. 

Love your life and share yourself with others.


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