I completely missed January’s post, but I’ll try to catch everyone up on what’s going on.  Jay and his crew have completed the framing job for Kochmann Bros., in rural Horace.  That was a BIG one, with lots of extras.  Jay had a couple of extra guys on the job site to help out.  Thankfully there was not much additional snow in January, but they did have bitterly cold weather several days.  They found themselves working at the Hemmah’s project on those days, or at the Weible home in Grandin.  Both of those jobs are remodels.   I have added a few new photos of those projects on the gallery.

In other news, I have begun my term as a member of the F-M Home Builder’s Assoc. Board of Directors.  It’s been interesting, I’ve learned a lot, and met several new people.  It has occurred to me that there has yet to be a woman President of the local HBA, so I might set my goal for that.  I am specifically involved in the New Member Committee, which recruits and welcomes new members.   Recruiting is not so easy these days.  There are not many new companies starting up right now, so we have to go back to companies that have been around for a while, but have never joined.  I am also running for a seat on the Mapleton City Council.  Someone left their position earlier this winter, so a spot is vacant.  There are 2 of us that are running for the position, and the special election is on March 13th.  I have gone to the past several City Council meetings and have met lots of people since we’ve moved here a year and a half ago.  I don’t plan on going door to door campaigning, but I will be working on some posters, and a sign for our yard.

Jay has been working full steam ahead on our spec. house for the past week.  He was  a bit worried about getting it done in time for the Parade of Homes that will be the end of April.  That is until he saw how fast the framing is going.  They are already on the second floor, so I’m hoping he’ll have it enclosed by the end of February.  I’ll have new pictures to post by the end of the day.

I’m short for this post, but I’ll have more for March I’m sure. 

Don’t wait around to be blessed. BE A BLESSING!


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